Teeth Whitening

My Teeth are dark. Is whitening for me?

There are many reasons why the teeth are dark.

 The main question is to ask if the stains on surface or inside the teeth.

Some inside stains can be removed by teeth whitening (bleaching). Inside stains are usually due to aging, micro-cracks in the outer layer of the tooth (enamel), ingestion of colour producing food and drinks or use of tobacco, excessive fluoride ingestion when teeth were developing, some medical conditions and medications can alter the colour of your teeth as well.

At Tauranga Crossing Dental in Tauriko, we use an advanced tooth whitening system-POLA, making the whole experience easy, painless and highly effective.

There is an active agent in whitening gel which gets inside the discoloured segment and dislodge the dark particles.
The common theory is that free radicals from the active agent (hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide) attack organic matrix inside the tooth. That new formed matrix reflects less light, so tooth appears brighter and lighter in shade. The active agent removes the discolorations as well as alters and brightens the inherent colour of dentin.

The result can amaze you, making your teeth to look whiter and the whole smile younger and healthier! A great place to start is to book a consultation with us. Our Tauranga dentists are happy to explain the procedures in more detail. It can give you confidence to speak and smile!

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