Comprehensive Dental

Comprehensive dentistry 

Focus on the future

Comprehensive dentistry is the highest level of dentistry focusing on high quality and long term outcomes.

Comprehensive dentistry is much more then just finding and treating tooth decay, instead Comprehensive dentistry goes much further to address total dental health in the following ways:

  • a comprehensive exam that looks at the health of all the mouth structures, not only teeth but gums, supporting bone and jaw muscles. All these structures must work in harmony to allow us to speak, chew and smile
  • provide education to you on ways to achieve and maintain ultimate oral health for the rest of your life
  • focus on rebuilding the teeth to their natural form and function

For some complex procedures our skilled and experienced team at Tauranga Crossing Dental uses an interdisciplinary approach, working closely with local specialists: (Oral Surgeon, Orthodontist, Periodontist, Endodontist, Prosthodontist, Dental Technician) to get you the best possible outcome.

The great place to start is to book a comprehensive examination to see what is possible.

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