About Us

We have a simple mission:
Change how people feel about going to the dentist.

Our Mission


Therefore, we conduct our dental practice gently and caringly to ensure patients’ comfort. Furthermore, our experienced team is dedicated to giving the best high-quality treatment possible.  We also provide our dental exams and ongoing treatments in a respectful, non-judgemental manner and firmly believe that it is the patient’s choice on what level of dental care to take.

We pride ourselves on an extremely high level of customer service and the ability to listen to the patient’s needs and wants, and we never force our recommendations on patients.

Overall our treatment planning philosophy is conservative. We believe in being proactive but also believe you can be proactive to a fault. We want to educate patients about the advantages and disadvantages of our treatment recommendations and allow them to make decisions based on their unique needs.

Our Values


Gentle & Caring Dentists

We conduct our dental practice with a gentle and caring nature to ensure your comfort throughout your dentist appointment.


Quality Driven & Committed

Our experienced dental team is dedicated to giving you the best quality treatment possible.


Trust & Respect

We give our dental exams in a respectful, non-judgemental manner and believe that it is your choice on what level on dental care to take.

Our Goals

Help you to take care of your teeth, smile and gums at a level that is right for you in a non-judgmental environment.

Support you before, during and after your treatment.

Treat you with respect regardless of your current condition of oral health and chosen options.

Continuously grow and improve our skills and knowledge.

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