Cold Sore Removal

Treat Cold sores with soft tissue laser therapy

About 3⁄4 of the population have the HSV1 Virus which causes painful cold sores around the mouth.

These sores can happen inside the mouth, but most commonly occur around the lips. It is a common virus that affects 7/10 people. We used to tell people to reschedule their appointments if they had a cold sore, but with Soft Tissue Laser Therapy our hygienist, Brooke, can now treat these in the office. 

Treating these with a diode laser is painless, effective and lessens the likelihood that the cold sore will pop up again. If you feel tingling and you know that a cold sore is brewing, call us. We can usually see you the same day, and treatment is more effective if treated earlier and in the first couple of days. The laser will take away the pain from the sore, and also help it heal at an accelerated rate.

At Tauranga Crossing Dental our hygienist offers a variety of treatments with Soft Tissue Laser Therapy. Our mouth harbours many different types of bacteria, and an unhealthy mouth can lead to many secondary health risks such as heart attack, stroke, low birth weight babies from expectant mothers, diabetes and so much more. That is why it is so important to see a dentist and dental hygienist regularly.

With diode lasers we can efficiently treat these bacteria responsible for periodontal disease and secondary health risks. With dental hygiene appointments we not only remove the hard and soft deposit responsible for causing gum disease, but also can utilise diode lasers to kill bacteria within the tissues and help the tissues heal and reattach to the tooth. Laser Therapy is an effective treatment and prevention for periodontal disease, but it also reduces the load of bacteria circulating within our arteries and body; making this treatment ideal for just about anyone. Diode lasers are very safe, and our hygienist, Brooke, is experienced in Soft Tissue Laser Therapy. She also trains other dental professionals in New Zealand on the usage of Soft Tissue Laser Therapy so is very knowledgeable on the subject.

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