Take a fresh look at wrinkle treatment with Dysport

No more frozen look, just natural-looking results with Dysport (pronounced as Dee-sport)

“When 130,000 patients took the Dysport Challenge, 97 % of Dysport users said they’d use it again”

The great news is that Tauranga Crossing Dental offers this exciting treatment service which is if combined with other dental cosmetic procedures will enhance your look by giving you a more youthful and happy appearance. Check our cosmetic services!

Dysport is a prescribed medicine containing Clostridium Botulinum Type A neurotoxin. It is administered only by medical professional who is appropriately educated and trained as well as has maintained the competence in this area.

Dysport is a simple, effective, non-surgical treatment that works by relaxing facial muscles, thereby softening or eliminating expression wrinkles on the face. The wrinkles are caused by repeated movements and muscle contractions, which means they can even develop in younger adults.

One injection into each of five points between and above the eyebrows prevents muscle contractions that cause frown line (angry or worried look) leaving the rest of the face to move naturally.

The procedure generally takes 10-20 minutes. The result typically lasts for up to 4 months. The cost varies depending on different factors such as- age, area of the treatment, muscle activity, previous treatments and required dose.

Many people find after several treatments that the don’t need another one for longer, because they unlearned the habit of the frowning or squinting that originally led to the development of the lines and wrinkles.

Along with desired effects, unfortunately treatment can cause unwanted effects. This doesn’t happen very often. The most common ones are temporary soreness, mild bruising around the injection side, slight headache. In vary small percentage of cases there can be a complication called “ptosis” (a droopy eyelid) which may last for a few days or up to 4 weeks. Rarely, an allergic reaction can cause a skin rash. The good news is the side effects are reversible, nothing is permanent with Dysport.

You should not have Dysport treatment while you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or at all if you have a neuro-muscular disease.

Dysport has been available in New Zealand for over 25 years and is manufactured in Britain by Ipsen Limited. Sometimes it is mistaken for Botox, although are both made from Clostridium Botulinum Type A and have the same mechanism of action, they are different brands or tradenames.

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